Exhibitions & Site Specific

We are pleased to arrange and organize exhibitions for Artists wishing to show their works in a variety of Galleries & Venues in and around Udaipur.

Art Exhibition Switzerland artist Antonio Wehrli

Art Performance by Artist Brydee Rood New Zealand

Italian Artist Chiara Colombi “PATIENCE STONES” 11/03 2017 A collective action with 8 women artists sharing their expressions around love and pain, in a site-specific dimension. Chiara proposal is to tackle personal and inner expression through collective experiments and came from the practice so-called Situ-Actions.

Beauty of Fragility Art exhibition by Zidrija Janusaite Lithuania 2023

Performance Art by Zidrija Janusaite Lithuania 2020

Bianca Tschaikner Austria @ Art perpetration at Visual Art, MLS University Udaipur

USA Artist Sophie Ray Lee

Site Specific Art Work by Bhupat Dudi India @ Art Junction Badanga, Rajasthan

Art Exhibition Vagaram Choudhary Rajasthan India